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Ring Video Doorbell Elite

Have you been looking for an appliance that can let you monitor and answer your door from remotely? An appliance that supports Alexa and can be echoed to not only your smartphone? Ring Video Doorbell Elite is there for you and it shouldn’t miss in your next Amazon shopping cart. It has great features every home automation lover can think about. Here is all you need to know about this product to decide whether to buy it or not.

Key Features

Compatible With Alexa

It works with Alexa to be able to illuminate and send information to the echo devices when motion is detected or doorbell pressed. It has a two-way talk with noise cancellation that lets you watch around the door and communicate with your visitor at the door. It has a built-in microphone and speaker that facilitates the two-way talk.

Ethernet Connectivity

It connects with ethernet cables for internet connection and power. This protects it from being interfered with by intruders who can hack WiFi networks. Ethernet connection makes sure that it is online always. Since it doesn’t lose power it provides high-quality videos.

Customizable Motion Zones

It allows you to set the spaces you want the sensors to respond to. Once motion is detected, an instant alert is sent to the echoed devices (tablet, phone or computer).

High-Quality Videos

It offers clear images at all times. It offers the highest video resolutions (1080 HD) that let you see clearly what is happening outside your door. Its cameras have infrared night vision that lets you see clear images even in the middle of the night.

Flush Mount

Unlike other doorbells in the market, it offers a flush mount. Installing this device doesn’t call for additional work in your home as it easily fits in standard junction boxes due to its sleek design. It has been designed to fit in your home.


It is easy to install, use and maintain. It supports voice control using Alexa making it super easy to control it using voice commands.
It has night vision infrared that guarantees clear videos even in the middle of the night. It also offers excellent video quality.
It is more secure than doorbells using WiFi. Hackers can’t be able to interfere with ethernet unless they have physical access to your networking devices.
It has lifetime theft protection. If stolen it can be replaced for free.
It lets you monitor the outside of the door when motion is detected and talk with your visitor on the door.
It allows for remote home monitoring.
It has a sleek design that doesn’t call for additional works in your home to install it.
You’re not required to recharge its battery.


The Ring Plus Protect isn’t free. The user must subscribe after the end of the first 30 days after installation. To share your videos. Subscription is $10 per month or $3 per month per device.

Users report a delay between the doorbell being pushed and the doorbell chime sounding.

Where to Buy

Ring Video Doorbell Elite is available in several online and local shops dealing with smart home appliances. For great and amazing deals place an order on

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