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Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Ring Chime: A Review

Ring home security has been offering us security products to feel secure even if away from home. With so much evolution in technology, video doorbells are revolutionizing to help homeowners have a smart home security system.

This is where Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Chime becomes every homeowner’s best friend. We’ll take a look at Ring’s new premium model.

Features, Reviews and Benefits

Video Doorbell Pro + Chime

This 2-in-1 feature lets you answer and monitor your home with a clear video. Its Chime feature eliminates any WIFI dead zones and helps extend the signal to any Ring devices. It helps to see, hear and speak to anyone using your smart devices without the fear of facing a stranger in your doorstep.

Clear HD video (1080) with live view

You don’t have to worry about unclear video recordings anymore. Check on your home anytime with its live view feature. Its on-demand video and audio help not only your home surveillance but also your neighbours in case of emergency.

Motion activated alerts

It sends alerts on your devices every time someone rings your doorbell. The built-in sensors help you not to worry about unexpected intruders.

Two-way talk

You can now hear and speak to visitors anytime, anywhere. Its built-in microphone and speakers have a noise cancellation effect, so you don’t have to worry for strangers to hear inside home activities.

Advanced motion detection

Having this feature is something out of the ordinary compared to others. It helps you focus on the most important areas of your house and best placed on areas that are hard to detect right away.

Non-stop power

Some concerns of homeowners on doorbells are battery life. We no longer have to worry about this because it easily connects to the doorbell wiring to charge.

Real-time alerts

With its Chime feature, it lets you connect to your other Ring devices. You will be able to hear alerts in any corners of your house. This gives you peace of mind of not being able to detect easily any alerts.


The device works well with major devices such as iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 and works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and Wink. Being accessible to major OS devices, you no longer have to worry about its compatibility.

WIFI connectivity

Monitoring is much easier with its linking to your home wireless network.

Ring App connectivity

Speaking and checking on visitors on remote location will no longer be a problem. With the Ring app, you will be able to view footages and receive alerts right in the comfort of your hands.

Night vision

Some of the major concerns of other video doorbells are its lack of clarity on nighttime. Video Doorbell Pro+ Chime has infrared LEDs to allow record footage in dimmed areas.

Pros: Easy set-up and installation, volume control, remote location answering, WIFI extender
Cons: Works only with Ring app, needs WIFI connectivity to communicate, price


The Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Ring Chime is one of the better quality video doorbells on the market. With its alert features, you don’t have to worry about the quality of videos, sounds and sensors. The best thing about is, it is easily available in’s website.

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