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Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Is it Worth It?

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a sleeker and more advanced version of Ring’s line of smart video doorbells. This package comes with a 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot which is perfect for people that do not currently have a smart speaker in the house or looking to add more to expand coverage in their smart home setup.

Now the Video Doorbell Pro is the more expensive of Ring’s family of video doorbells save for the Video Doorbell Elite which requires professional installation. It costs $50 more than the battery-powered Video Doorbell 2 and needs to be hardwired for power. Is the additional cost and effort worth it? In this review, we aim to shed some light on the matter.

The following is a full list of features that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro has to offer:

*1080 HD video with Live View capability — enables users to watch over their home in great detail from their smartphone using on-demand video and audio feed

*Motion sensors with notification function — the device can detect movement in its’ surroundings and automatically sends a notification to users via smartphone, tablet or computer when triggered.

*Integrated speakers and microphone with noise cancellation technology. Enables users to speak with guests on their door through a smartphone app.

*Compatible with Alexa and seamlessly works with such devices to provide you with real-time information concerning the video doorbells you have installed around your home.

What is so good about Video Doorbell Pro?

Perhaps the most notable function of the Video Doorbell Pro is its’ advanced motion detection feature which is a big step up over its’ predecessors. Unlike the Ring Video Doorbell 2 which relied on passive heat sensors that are susceptible to false alarms, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro can analyze and detect movement from the video feed itself. Users can also set motion detection zones that limit tracking to specific sections of the video and cuts down on false alerts entirely.

Another advantage to the Video Doorbell Pro is that it runs with both 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz networks which helps eliminate connectivity problems between the device and other compatible smart home products that you have inside the house.

What are the downsides?

By doing away with the battery, Ring was able to engineer the Video Doorbell Pro into a much smaller and better-looking package. Unfortunately, this also means that the device will be more difficult to install as it needs doorbell wiring to work. Of course, this makes sense as the device is continuously running video analysis for motion detection and will run a battery dry reasonably quickly. Still, the hardwired installation is well worth noting especially if you prefer a more convenient setup.

Another factor to consider is that the Video Doorbell Pro will require a Ring subscription ($10 per month) to enable a few features. Such features include video cloud storage and sharing, 24/7 professional monitoring service, and extended warranties to mention a few. While these are not strictly cons that pertain to the device, such limitations are well worth noting before buying the device.

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