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Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is made by Ring. The company is solely focussed on video doorbells for increased home security and have developed a good reputation based on quality and ease of use.

Let’s look at this particular model by exploring the features of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

  • It is integrated with Alexa, which helps echo and illuminate sound, allowing you to speak to visitors in a two-way traffic manner and in real time, It gives you excellent notifications when motion is detected, or the doorbell is pressed, and therefore you can see even the person at your doorstep.
  • Another great feature with this model is its compatibility with the various operating systems found on your devices ranging from those using the IOS to Android and your windows Personal computer and can also be hand wired to other existing doorbells.
  • Another basic but a very important feature is the ability to relay real-time video services from your residence to any part of the globe all you need to do integrate it with your home WiFi with at least a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps but for optimal performance 2 Mbps speed is recommended.
    The relayed video has a resolution of 1080 in High definition and ensures that you are protected at all time by use of infrared night vision capability.
  • To add on it is easily connected to other home doorbells and therefore you will never remove it to charge, The ring video doorbell pro comes with a lifetime warranty against theft if its stolen the manufacturer is ready to replace it for free.


Product Pros

1. The advanced motion detection is something out of this world as it allows you to focus and customize your ring video doorbell pro to the most critical areas in your home.

2. always powered up since it easily connects to other doorbell wiring and therefore you don’t need to remove it to charge

3. The two way talk enables you to talk without having physical contact which is excellent for your security everyone has to identify themselves before you can let them in.

4. The high definition video coverage ensures that you monitor your home and property from anywhere in the world.

5, Alexa in combination with your device will always give you a notification whenever you have a visitor. From there you can see and speak to anyone caught on the camera.

6. The night vision capability is also incredible


Product Cons

1. It may be affected by the WiFi speeds, and the video you ultimately get on your end may tend to be lagging behind

2. Rather than using geofencing to map the area of coverage, it uses thermal detection a therefore if your home is along a busy street you are likely to get multiple false alerts, consequently affecting your response time

3. if you live in an area with constant power outrages then consider installing a router that has at least its battery since you will not get the usual updates.

In conclusion, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a product that deserves careful consideration. You can find it on

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