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UJoyFeel Wireless Doorbell Camera Video Doorbell Review

Wireless video camera doorbells work as a smart home security feature. The wireless camera functions as a doorbell and a surveillance camera. UJoyFeel Wireless Doorbell Camera Video Doorbell is one of the best you can get in the market. Some of the fantastic features the doorbell camera has are:


The wireless doorbell video camera has a speaker and a microphone. This two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with your visitors from any geographical location. Once you install the application that will enable you to monitor your door on your smartphone. You can easily communicate from any location.

Benefit. – You no longer need to stop what you are doing to pick your letters from the messenger. Also, you can tell your visitors that you are not in the house.


The doorbell can be easily be connected to your Wi-Fi. The feeds will be streamed to the 16GB memory where you can stream from your remote location. If the doorbell rings, you will be able to get a notification on your phone.

Benefit. – Connecting the doorbell to your Wi-Fi will enable you to stream and view the events at your doorstep even when you are away.


This wireless doorbell video camera is equipped with a 720P video recorder. It guarantees a user the images will be clear enough to tell who the visitor or intruder is. The video quality is also impressive when you stream from your remote location.

Benefit. – The 720P video recorder gives you high-quality image feeds of the events at your doorstep.


If you install the application on your device, you will be able to stream from the camera feeds. You will also no longer miss a knock on your door. The app gives the user notification in your phone. It always notifies you when someone is knocking at your door. The motion sensors may capture movement at the door and alert you also.

Benefit. – You no longer need to miss your visitors knocking at your door. You will get live notifications on your phone even when you are away.


The doorbell is fitted with a PIR motion detector. This sensor is sensitive enough to offer accurate motion detection. The motion sensor would be able to detect any slight movement at your doorstep. You will no longer miss any visitor at your door.

Benefit. – The PIR sensor ensures the camera captures anyone who is at your doorstep no matter the angle.


Smart night vision allows you to switch on the night mode. You can change the strength of the night vision depending on the light strength in the area.

Benefit. – The night vision allows you to get clear video at your doorstep at all time.


1. The doorbell video camera is easy to install.

2. The camera can work for long before you recharge the batteries.

3. Night vision which offers clear images at night.

4. Live notifications on your smartphone if someone knocks at your door.

5. HD video feeds which you can stream on your smartphone.

6. Affordable.


1. A user will need to turn the night vision on manually.

2. You may need to buy additional cables

3. The support seems to be very weak and for some customers non-existent.

The UJoyFeel Wireless Doorbell has a large number of negative reviews. However it’s cheap and offers impressive features. There area lot of people who have got it to work and seem happy, however the large number of negative reviews suggests that you approach this one with caution.

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