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Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Is it Worth It?

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a sleeker and more advanced version of Ring’s line of smart video doorbells. This package comes with a 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot which is perfect for people that do not currently have a smart speaker in the house or looking to add more to expand coverage in their smart home setup.

Now the Video Doorbell Pro is the more expensive of Ring’s family of video doorbells save for the Video Doorbell Elite which requires professional installation. It costs $50 more than the battery-powered Video Doorbell 2 and needs to be hardwired for power. Is the additional cost and effort worth it? In this review, we aim to shed some light on the matter.

The following is a full list of features that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro has to offer:

*1080 HD video with Live View capability — enables users to watch over their home in great detail from their smartphone using on-demand video and audio feed

*Motion sensors with notification function — the device can detect movement in its’ surroundings and automatically sends a notification to users via smartphone, tablet or computer when triggered.

*Integrated speakers and microphone with noise cancellation technology. Enables users to speak with guests on their door through a smartphone app.

*Compatible with Alexa and seamlessly works with such devices to provide you with real-time information concerning the video doorbells you have installed around your home.

What is so good about Video Doorbell Pro?

Perhaps the most notable function of the Video Doorbell Pro is its’ advanced motion detection feature which is a big step up over its’ predecessors. Unlike the Ring Video Doorbell 2 which relied on passive heat sensors that are susceptible to false alarms, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro can analyze and detect movement from the video feed itself. Users can also set motion detection zones that limit tracking to specific sections of the video and cuts down on false alerts entirely.

Another advantage to the Video Doorbell Pro is that it runs with both 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz networks which helps eliminate connectivity problems between the device and other compatible smart home products that you have inside the house.

What are the downsides?

By doing away with the battery, Ring was able to engineer the Video Doorbell Pro into a much smaller and better-looking package. Unfortunately, this also means that the device will be more difficult to install as it needs doorbell wiring to work. Of course, this makes sense as the device is continuously running video analysis for motion detection and will run a battery dry reasonably quickly. Still, the hardwired installation is well worth noting especially if you prefer a more convenient setup.

Another factor to consider is that the Video Doorbell Pro will require a Ring subscription ($10 per month) to enable a few features. Such features include video cloud storage and sharing, 24/7 professional monitoring service, and extended warranties to mention a few. While these are not strictly cons that pertain to the device, such limitations are well worth noting before buying the device.

Are you convinced that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is the perfect smart home product for you? If you are then head on over to

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Ring Chime: A Review

Ring home security has been offering us security products to feel secure even if away from home. With so much evolution in technology, video doorbells are revolutionizing to help homeowners have a smart home security system.

This is where Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Chime becomes every homeowner’s best friend. We’ll take a look at Ring’s new premium model.

Features, Reviews and Benefits

Video Doorbell Pro + Chime

This 2-in-1 feature lets you answer and monitor your home with a clear video. Its Chime feature eliminates any WIFI dead zones and helps extend the signal to any Ring devices. It helps to see, hear and speak to anyone using your smart devices without the fear of facing a stranger in your doorstep.

Clear HD video (1080) with live view

You don’t have to worry about unclear video recordings anymore. Check on your home anytime with its live view feature. Its on-demand video and audio help not only your home surveillance but also your neighbours in case of emergency.

Motion activated alerts

It sends alerts on your devices every time someone rings your doorbell. The built-in sensors help you not to worry about unexpected intruders.

Two-way talk

You can now hear and speak to visitors anytime, anywhere. Its built-in microphone and speakers have a noise cancellation effect, so you don’t have to worry for strangers to hear inside home activities.

Advanced motion detection

Having this feature is something out of the ordinary compared to others. It helps you focus on the most important areas of your house and best placed on areas that are hard to detect right away.

Non-stop power

Some concerns of homeowners on doorbells are battery life. We no longer have to worry about this because it easily connects to the doorbell wiring to charge.

Real-time alerts

With its Chime feature, it lets you connect to your other Ring devices. You will be able to hear alerts in any corners of your house. This gives you peace of mind of not being able to detect easily any alerts.


The device works well with major devices such as iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 and works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and Wink. Being accessible to major OS devices, you no longer have to worry about its compatibility.

WIFI connectivity

Monitoring is much easier with its linking to your home wireless network.

Ring App connectivity

Speaking and checking on visitors on remote location will no longer be a problem. With the Ring app, you will be able to view footages and receive alerts right in the comfort of your hands.

Night vision

Some of the major concerns of other video doorbells are its lack of clarity on nighttime. Video Doorbell Pro+ Chime has infrared LEDs to allow record footage in dimmed areas.

Pros: Easy set-up and installation, volume control, remote location answering, WIFI extender
Cons: Works only with Ring app, needs WIFI connectivity to communicate, price


The Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Ring Chime is one of the better quality video doorbells on the market. With its alert features, you don’t have to worry about the quality of videos, sounds and sensors. The best thing about is, it is easily available in’s website.

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SMONET WiFi Smart Doorbell

Are you looking for a reliable doorbell camera? If yes then, SMONET WiFi Smart Doorbell is a great option. The video doorbell isn’t just easy to install, it comes with incredible features that give it an excellent performance.

Besides, you only need an app to monitor your door from anywhere. Even with its incredible features, this smart doorbell is quite affordable. The convenience you get with this doorbell is amazing since you don’t have to walk to the door to know how is there.

Let’s look at its features in more details.

1. Night Vision

Unlike the earlier doorbells that can be limited to daylight, this smart doorbell uses infrared light during the night. This enables you to see the person at the door even at night hours so that you don’t have to rely on the street light for visibility.

For safety purposes, doorbells with the infrared feature are the most recommended. This is because they have a great vision allowing you to easily identify who is at the door without any guesses.

2. Motion Detection

This feature enables you to supervise your door 24/7. The doorbell is connected with your phone and you’ll receive alerts when a visitor triggers the sensor or presses the doorbell button. Furthermore, you can adjust the sensitivity to suit your home environment.

3. Two Way Audio & Real-time Video

This doorbell comes with a two-way audio feature that makes it possible to communicate with the visitors from anywhere. You can also watch real-time videos through your mobile phone with multi-device control. The 166 degree visual angle ensure that most parts of your home is covered reducing the dead zones.

4. Easy Installation

Considering that this device offers the wireless remote feature, installing it is as easy as just fixing it on the door or wall. This means that you don’t need any wiring. You only need to insert the 18650Li Battery and install the mobile app on your phone to start using it. The battery life is also incredible which enables the device to remain functional for long.

5. Compatibility and Storage

The device is compatible with IOS and Android devices. It also supports Wi-Fi connectivity. Although it doesn’t come with an SD card, it will overwrite the existing recordings automatically once the memory is full.


• Two-way audio
• Incredible battery life
• Motion detection
• Wireless installation
• Quality sensors
• Good picture and video quality


• You’ll need to change batteries since they are not rechargeable
• Its night vision is not the best


Finding a doorbell camera which delivers outstanding performance and costs less can be challenging. However, SMONET Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell is an affordable solution for all your home security needs.

It comes with amazing features and installing it is quite easy. This makes it a perfect choice even for beginners as well as experienced users. You don’t just get to save money with this camera, you get to enjoy convenience and reliability.

So, if you all looking do a long-term solution then look no further than this great device. Getting one of these is easy since they are readily available on

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Ring Video Doorbell Elite

Have you been looking for an appliance that can let you monitor and answer your door from remotely? An appliance that supports Alexa and can be echoed to not only your smartphone? Ring Video Doorbell Elite is there for you and it shouldn’t miss in your next Amazon shopping cart. It has great features every home automation lover can think about. Here is all you need to know about this product to decide whether to buy it or not.

Key Features

Compatible With Alexa

It works with Alexa to be able to illuminate and send information to the echo devices when motion is detected or doorbell pressed. It has a two-way talk with noise cancellation that lets you watch around the door and communicate with your visitor at the door. It has a built-in microphone and speaker that facilitates the two-way talk.

Ethernet Connectivity

It connects with ethernet cables for internet connection and power. This protects it from being interfered with by intruders who can hack WiFi networks. Ethernet connection makes sure that it is online always. Since it doesn’t lose power it provides high-quality videos.

Customizable Motion Zones

It allows you to set the spaces you want the sensors to respond to. Once motion is detected, an instant alert is sent to the echoed devices (tablet, phone or computer).

High-Quality Videos

It offers clear images at all times. It offers the highest video resolutions (1080 HD) that let you see clearly what is happening outside your door. Its cameras have infrared night vision that lets you see clear images even in the middle of the night.

Flush Mount

Unlike other doorbells in the market, it offers a flush mount. Installing this device doesn’t call for additional work in your home as it easily fits in standard junction boxes due to its sleek design. It has been designed to fit in your home.


It is easy to install, use and maintain. It supports voice control using Alexa making it super easy to control it using voice commands.
It has night vision infrared that guarantees clear videos even in the middle of the night. It also offers excellent video quality.
It is more secure than doorbells using WiFi. Hackers can’t be able to interfere with ethernet unless they have physical access to your networking devices.
It has lifetime theft protection. If stolen it can be replaced for free.
It lets you monitor the outside of the door when motion is detected and talk with your visitor on the door.
It allows for remote home monitoring.
It has a sleek design that doesn’t call for additional works in your home to install it.
You’re not required to recharge its battery.


The Ring Plus Protect isn’t free. The user must subscribe after the end of the first 30 days after installation. To share your videos. Subscription is $10 per month or $3 per month per device.

Users report a delay between the doorbell being pushed and the doorbell chime sounding.

Where to Buy

Ring Video Doorbell Elite is available in several online and local shops dealing with smart home appliances. For great and amazing deals place an order on

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UJoyFeel Wireless Doorbell Camera Video Doorbell Review

Wireless video camera doorbells work as a smart home security feature. The wireless camera functions as a doorbell and a surveillance camera. UJoyFeel Wireless Doorbell Camera Video Doorbell is one of the best you can get in the market. Some of the fantastic features the doorbell camera has are:


The wireless doorbell video camera has a speaker and a microphone. This two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with your visitors from any geographical location. Once you install the application that will enable you to monitor your door on your smartphone. You can easily communicate from any location.

Benefit. – You no longer need to stop what you are doing to pick your letters from the messenger. Also, you can tell your visitors that you are not in the house.


The doorbell can be easily be connected to your Wi-Fi. The feeds will be streamed to the 16GB memory where you can stream from your remote location. If the doorbell rings, you will be able to get a notification on your phone.

Benefit. – Connecting the doorbell to your Wi-Fi will enable you to stream and view the events at your doorstep even when you are away.


This wireless doorbell video camera is equipped with a 720P video recorder. It guarantees a user the images will be clear enough to tell who the visitor or intruder is. The video quality is also impressive when you stream from your remote location.

Benefit. – The 720P video recorder gives you high-quality image feeds of the events at your doorstep.


If you install the application on your device, you will be able to stream from the camera feeds. You will also no longer miss a knock on your door. The app gives the user notification in your phone. It always notifies you when someone is knocking at your door. The motion sensors may capture movement at the door and alert you also.

Benefit. – You no longer need to miss your visitors knocking at your door. You will get live notifications on your phone even when you are away.


The doorbell is fitted with a PIR motion detector. This sensor is sensitive enough to offer accurate motion detection. The motion sensor would be able to detect any slight movement at your doorstep. You will no longer miss any visitor at your door.

Benefit. – The PIR sensor ensures the camera captures anyone who is at your doorstep no matter the angle.


Smart night vision allows you to switch on the night mode. You can change the strength of the night vision depending on the light strength in the area.

Benefit. – The night vision allows you to get clear video at your doorstep at all time.


1. The doorbell video camera is easy to install.

2. The camera can work for long before you recharge the batteries.

3. Night vision which offers clear images at night.

4. Live notifications on your smartphone if someone knocks at your door.

5. HD video feeds which you can stream on your smartphone.

6. Affordable.


1. A user will need to turn the night vision on manually.

2. You may need to buy additional cables

3. The support seems to be very weak and for some customers non-existent.

The UJoyFeel Wireless Doorbell has a large number of negative reviews. However it’s cheap and offers impressive features. There area lot of people who have got it to work and seem happy, however the large number of negative reviews suggests that you approach this one with caution.

You can visit to get this or other video doorbells.

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Ring Alarm Home Security System

In this digital world, there are many technologies through which you can protect your home and your family. Modern alarm systems now connect home owners to apps. Using apps means that you can get an immediate update on any situation. The Ring Alarm Home Security System has a number of features including a video doorbell so we’ve included it on this site.

Top Features

There are many alarm systems in the market. But this ring alarm has some unique features that make it the best among all the other alarm systems. This alarm has an advanced sensor that can detect any intrusion. The best part is, it can provide you a 24 hours protection to your house.

All of its amazing features are discussed below to help you to know more about this alarm system.

1. Wireless Alert System

This ring alarm can alert you whenever there is an intrusion in your house. You can get the alert on your phone. The wireless alert system will enable you to protect your home from anywhere.

2. Motion Detector

There is an advanced motion detector in this alarm system. The motion detector can catch any type of movement within its range. The motion detector makes it almost impossible for anybody to break into your house.

3. Sensor

The alarm system has a sensor. It can be attached to your door or to your window. If anybody tries to get into your house through the door or through the window, the sensor will alert you. The sensor can catch any type of contact.

4. 24 Hours Monitoring

At $10 per month, you can get a great security. This will help you to monitor your home’s safety for 24 hours. In this case, someone else will be monitoring your security and you will have a safe sleep. But, this monitoring is an optional choice.

5. Voice Control

The alarm can be connected to Alexa. Then, you can check its status and you can change its modes. You can do all of it just through your voice commands.

Pros –

1. Range Extension – There is a device in this system that can extend it’s signal strength. This is a great option to maximize your security.

2. Easy Installation – This alarm system can be easily installed. You don’t need any heavy tools to install it.

3. 24 Hours Monitoring – You can have a safe home for all the time. Just pay the price (optional) and you can secure your home.

Cons –

1. Wi-fi problem – The base station sometimes fails to connect. But, it happens rarely.

2. Sensor is huge – The contact sensor is huge, so, you might have a problem to attaching it to some of your doors or windows.

The alarm system may have some drawbacks. But, its superb features can definitely surpass all its drawbacks. The alarm system is built with cutting edge technology and it’s a perfect choice for your home’s security.

Visit to buy this – Ring Alarm Home Security System

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TONBUX Smart Video Doorbell

When visitors came to houses, the old fashioned method of knocking on the door gave way first to door knockers and then to door bells over the years, especially in large houses. Those inside might fail to hear a knock so door bells became common place, but the latest technology goes a step further and allows you to see and communicate with your visitors. Video Doorbells use wifi to transmit sound and images between those on the inside and the people outside.

The TONBUX Smart Video Doorbell is one of these smart technology doorbells. Below are some of its features which make it very efficient.


The doorbell has a unique smooth design. Installed in it are a camera and a 32 GB memory can which records both motions detected and videos. Alternatively, you can use the free cloud storage which stores the videos recorded for a week. Cloud-free storage also gives you the opportunity to share and save these videos. It’s important to note that the doorbell mainly comes in black.

170P full HD and a wide viewing angle (170 degrees)

The doorbell has an HD camera which has a 170 degree angle of view. The camera allows you to see the person ringing the bell via your smartphone, tablet or any other electronic device which allows you to install the bells smart App. The camera even has night mode abilities meaning you will be able to see what happens at your door during the night too. In addition to a camera, it has motion detectors which detect and notifies you through your smartphone when a person is at the door.

Two-way speakers and microphones

The speakers and microphones are inbuilt and they facilitate two-way communication between you and the person at the door. For this to be possible you have to install the doorbells app in your phone or tablet.

Smart App

This is a user-friendly app which is supposed to be downloaded and installed in your device. It links communication between you and the doorbell. Having in mind that the doorbell has a camera, 2-way inbuilt speakers and microphones, the app helps you to see the video feed from the door via your phone. It also helps you to communicate with the person at the door.

Long-life battery

The doorbell comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries which can last up to 6 months. This means after installing it you don’t have to worry about the bell shutting down. Even if the batteries shut down you can opt to use the night light receiver which also has indoor wireless ringtones that will notify you when the bell rings.

Pros and Cons

This smart doorbell also has its advantages and disadvantages.


• It records a very clear video.
• It audios are smooth and audible.
• Has night mode abilities.


• The sensitivity of the motion detectors is very high to the extent of detecting insects flying over the doorbell.
• It’s bulky compared to some other models on the market.

From the information above you notice that this doorbell has lots of unique features which makes it very effective. Therefore if you are looking to buy a smart doorbell for extra peace of mind, you should  head over to and purchase TONBUX Smart Video Doorbell for one of the best prices.


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YIROKA Doorbell Camera

Security is the top priority of every home. If you have a great security to protect your home, then you can sleep safely. Video doorbells are good for security and in recent years have developed into many different models with varying prices.

The YIROKA Doorbell Camera – is one of the the best video doorbells on the market at the moment for a very reasonable price. Let’s look at what it has to offer:

Top Features

This video doorbell is wireless and it has a great battery. It’s waterproof and it can give you a high security, even at the night. IHere are the specifics:

1. H.D Quality Camera

A doorbell with a H.D quality (720 P) camera can help you to have a clear vision. The camera of this doorbell has a wide angle (166 degrees). This will enable you to view the outside of your home more vividly.

2. Waterproof

This doorbell is completely waterproof. It’s even dust proof. So you just don’t have to worry about the life of this doorbell. It will protect your home for a long time to come.

3. Quality Brand Battery

There are many doorbells in the market that don’t use a good quality battery. But, this doorbell uses a Samsung battery (3200 m.a.h). You just have to recharge it and the battery will run for a long time.

4. Motion Detection

This doorbell is equipped with an advanced motion detection technology. It can detect any type of movement and it can also alert you instantly.

5. Wireless Connection

Sometimes you may not stay at your house. But, if any visitor comes , you can talk to him/her through this doorbell. This doorbell can send you alerts and you can see the person at your door.

6. Sensor Light

At night this door bell can sense any movement and it can turn on its light. It can help you to see where you are going at night. So, you don’t have to face any accidents.

Pros –

1. Small size – The door bell has a really small size. For any type of house, the door bell is just perfect.

2. Wireless alert – The door bell can alert you anywhere. You can see every visitor clearly and you can talk to them from anywhere.

3. Easy to Install – This doorbell is really easy to set up. There are some functions in this doorbell that make it almost impossible to steal.

Cons –

1. Wi-fi Connection Problem – Sometimes the door bell looses its wi-fi connection. Under a bad weather condition, it may happen.

2. Slow Recording – The doorbell can record through its camera. But, the recording may get delayed.

3. Some buyers found the instructions very poorly written.


Despite all its drawbacks, this doorbell can protect your home. You should choose this doorbell for the safety of your home.

Visit to buy the YIROKA Doorbell Camera

If you are planning to buy this superb doorbell, then you should visit It’s the best place to buy this doorbell. Just visit the site and search -YIROKA Doorbell Camera.

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A Review Of The SARCCH Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell

Are you a homeowner with many regular visitors? Do you want a doorbell that can conveniently keep your home safe? Well, if you do then the SARCCH Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell can be a good choice for you. This doorbell has great features which not only make it efficient but also give you peace of mind. In this article, we will review its features as well as its pros and cons so as to help you know about it in detail, especially since there are many doorbells out there.

Features of the SARCCH Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell:

1. Rechargeable battery: The SARCCH Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell uses 18650 lithium battery which can be used for a long time. In fact, it takes about 6 months to be depleted and has a life expectancy 500 recharges. This reduces its maintenance cost, and the most interesting thing is that it is easy to charge it since it has a USB port where you can connect a charging cable.
2. Night vision: This video doorbell also has night vision which allows it to record videos at night. As such, you won’t need to hire a house guard to watch your home during the night.
3. Motion sensors: This video doorbell also comes with motion sensors which can detect even small movements and then record or send them to your smartphone.
4. HD video: This video doorbell also has high-resolution cameras hence it will give you quality videos regardless of the weather.
5. WiFi Support: This doorbell can connect to your smartphone or home devices using WiFi hence you will always be able to view the recorded videos instantly. This enables you to interact with your visitors anytime and anywhere.
6. Two-way Talk: Another amazing feature about the SARCCH Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell is that it has a two-way talk which enables you to talk with your visitors without necessarily moving to the door. This is facilitated by Echo devices which are compatible with it.
7. Compatible with memory card: You won’t have to worry about lacking space to store your recorded video since the SARCCH Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell allows you to install a memory card of up to 32GB.

It’s pros
1. It is easy to install and operate.
2. It saves on energy.
3. It provides clear videos
4. It is convenient to use.
5. It works very smoothly after the installation.
6. It works faster than some other video doorbells.
7. It is less expensive than some of the other models on the market

It’s cons
1. It is very sensitive hence you can get a lot of false alarms.
2. It can be sensitive to very cold temperatures.
3. The product is compatible with a 2.4GHz network but not a 5GHz wifi network.
4. Will not work if your phone is on mute.
5. The doorbell is not waterproof and should be installed in a place taht is out of the rain.

Where to buy?
As you can see, the SARCCH Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell has many great features. Its ability to last longer without being recharged regularly makes it cost-effective. Also, its motion sensors, night vision, and two-way talk make it one of the best video doorbells being sold out there. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing it then you should visit to find it for one of the best prices.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is made by Ring. The company is solely focussed on video doorbells for increased home security and have developed a good reputation based on quality and ease of use.

Let’s look at this particular model by exploring the features of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

  • It is integrated with Alexa, which helps echo and illuminate sound, allowing you to speak to visitors in a two-way traffic manner and in real time, It gives you excellent notifications when motion is detected, or the doorbell is pressed, and therefore you can see even the person at your doorstep.
  • Another great feature with this model is its compatibility with the various operating systems found on your devices ranging from those using the IOS to Android and your windows Personal computer and can also be hand wired to other existing doorbells.
  • Another basic but a very important feature is the ability to relay real-time video services from your residence to any part of the globe all you need to do integrate it with your home WiFi with at least a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps but for optimal performance 2 Mbps speed is recommended.
    The relayed video has a resolution of 1080 in High definition and ensures that you are protected at all time by use of infrared night vision capability.
  • To add on it is easily connected to other home doorbells and therefore you will never remove it to charge, The ring video doorbell pro comes with a lifetime warranty against theft if its stolen the manufacturer is ready to replace it for free.


Product Pros

1. The advanced motion detection is something out of this world as it allows you to focus and customize your ring video doorbell pro to the most critical areas in your home.

2. always powered up since it easily connects to other doorbell wiring and therefore you don’t need to remove it to charge

3. The two way talk enables you to talk without having physical contact which is excellent for your security everyone has to identify themselves before you can let them in.

4. The high definition video coverage ensures that you monitor your home and property from anywhere in the world.

5, Alexa in combination with your device will always give you a notification whenever you have a visitor. From there you can see and speak to anyone caught on the camera.

6. The night vision capability is also incredible


Product Cons

1. It may be affected by the WiFi speeds, and the video you ultimately get on your end may tend to be lagging behind

2. Rather than using geofencing to map the area of coverage, it uses thermal detection a therefore if your home is along a busy street you are likely to get multiple false alerts, consequently affecting your response time

3. if you live in an area with constant power outrages then consider installing a router that has at least its battery since you will not get the usual updates.

In conclusion, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a product that deserves careful consideration. You can find it on