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Ring Video Doorbell 2 with Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Ring Video Doorbell 2 with Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Are you tired of relying on your smartphone only to monitor and communicate with your visitors at the door? Are you looking for a device that will let you see the area around your door when motion is detected? Having security cameras isn’t enough to automate your home, you need one that is integrated into your doorbell. Ring Video Doorbell 2 shouldn’t miss in your next cart. It allows you to have a smart home where you can talk and see your visitors at the door. You can monitor your property come rain, shine, day or night no matter where you’re using your smartphone. Here is all you need to know about this product to be able to decide whether it is the right product for you or not.

Key Features

Compatible with Alexa

It works with Alexa devices in your home to illuminate and send data to the echo devices in your home when motion is detected at the door or the door touched. It has a two-way talk that allows you to communicate with the visitor at the door using your echo devices.

Echo Dot

This is a hands free voice control device that has a small built-in speaker. It allows you to connect to Alexa voice service to play music, send and receive messages, make a call, and provide information such as news, weather, sports score, and many more.


It Allows Two-Way Communication

You not only see who is at your door but you can also talk with him or her. You get a live stream from the door and the visitor can listen to you using the speakers installed around the door.

Voice Control

Being compatible with Alexa smart devices you can open the door to allow access into your home or house if you have a smart door by giving commands to your computer. Voice control is enabled by Echo Dot.

You Can Remotely Monitor Your Premises

It allows you to get automated alerts, have a two-way talk, monitor your home in an HD Video and answer your door no matter where you’re using your smartphone. The infra led are able to capture clear information even when it is dim. All you need is to open the Alexa app, go to your smart home devices and look for your doorbell. Enable announcement alerts and motion.


You need a paid subscription to be able to access past events after the first one month trial period. The regular subscription makes it expensive to maintain. When the trial period expires you only have access to live videos, you need to subscribe to view the captured images you were not able to view live. Apart from the monthly subscription, your home must also have an active internet connection.

The motion detector has a small radius. You only get a notification when someone is standing or sitting right at the door.

Where to Buy

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is available in several online and local stores around you. Take a look at

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Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2This doorbell comes with exceptional features that make it functional, durable and reliable. Devices from Ring have a good reputation. They ensure that you get the convenience you need as you protect your home from anywhere.

If you are planning on buying this doorbell then you have come to the right place to find out more. So, let’s look at what this incredible device has to offer:

1. Easy Installation

Ring 2 is designed to work with both wireless and wired doorbell. So, if you choose the wireless setup then it will take you less than 2 minutes to get it ready. Besides, the device comes with all the equipment you need for installation. Once you have installed the doorbell, you can simply activate it by downloading the Ring mobile app on your phone and follow the instruction.

2. Design

Ring 2 doorbell comes with a beautiful design that most users will find attractive. It measures 1.08-inches thick, 2.50-inches wide, and 5.05-inches tall. While it can be bulky, it will still fit and look great when installed just next to the door.

The doorbell is also designed to use a battery. Its manufacturers promise that the battery can keep the doorbell powered for up to 6 to 12 months. With such an incredible battery life, the device can stay running for long.

3. Performance

Performance wise, Ring 2 doesn’t disappoint. It is well engineered with no glitches or bugs. This enables the doorbell to deliver outstanding performance. Once you’ve installed the doorbell, it will send you a notification when someone presses the button on the doorbell or approaches the doorbell.

You also get a chance to start a live feed. Something impressive is that it is designed with the two-way talk feature. This means that you can talk to your visitors even when you are not at home. This enables you to issue direction whenever you expect a delivery but won’t be around.

4. Real-Time Images and Video

Ring 2 can take high-quality images and videos. This enables you to see a clear face of the person standing at your door. Its night-vision is also great as compared with what you get with the previous models.

The audio quality is also admirable which enable you to receive loud and clear sounds. Its 160 degrees provide you with wide views and enhances the security of your home by covering most parts.


• Durable battery
• Quality images and videos
• Night vision
• Customizable Motion Zones
• Supports Amazon Alexa
• Wi-Fi enabled
• Easy to use mobile app


• It can be bulky
• The night vision is not the best


If you are looking for the best Ring doorbell then Ring Video Doorbell 2 is one of the best currently available on the market. It comes with amazing features that enable it to deliver outstanding performance.

The good thing about this device is that it is durable and hardly fails. This enables you to enhance the security at your home every time. Check out for one of these at and be ready for the best user experience.

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MOUNTDOG WiFi Smart Video Doorbell Camera Wireless Door Bell

MOUNTDOG WiFi Smart Video Doorbell Camera Wireless Door Bell Review.

Are you looking for a smart doorbell for your smart home? A doorbell with a two-way talk? MOUNTDOG WiFi Smart Video Doorbell Camera Wireless Door Bell is there for you and it shouldn’t miss in your next shopping cart. It has all that you need to make your door smart. Here is all you need to know about this product to decide whether it is the best product for you or not.

Key Features

1. Two-Way Talk

It has an inbuilt speaker and microphone with noise cancellation capabilities. This allows you to see, speak and hear your visitor at the door from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

2. Free Cloud Storage

While many of its alternatives require you to subscribe for cloud storage, this product requires no subscription. The captured videos are stored in the cloud for seven days after which they’re automatically deleted. You can save, watch and share these videos at any time.

3. PIR Motion Detection

When motion is detected, an alert is sent to your smart devices. An alert is also sent when the visitor press the camera doorbell. For ideal settings for your home, it allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor. The sensors can detect even the slightest movement made outside the door.

4. Infrared Night Vision

With the help of the IR sensor, the camera can adjust the light to give you a crystal view. This allows you to monitor your home at any time come rain, day or night. The infrared night vision gives it the ability to capture record clear videos even at night.

5. Long-lasting Rechargeable Battery

It comes with two rechargeable batteries that support it for 3 to 6 months on a single charge. It also comes with a 16GB memory storage and has one USB port.


It is easy to install, use and maintain. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. Pairing the mobile app with this bell isn’t difficult.
Voice is clear even when it is windy as it features noise cancellation.
It allows you to directly watch and talk to your visitors outside the door. It has a ring button that when pressed by the visitor it rings and starts showing notifications on your smartphone.
It has a high-speed video processor. Video transmission is very fast. This allows both audio and video to match.
It has a 16Gb built-in SD storage where the video is first stored before being uploaded. It also has a USB port where you can plug in your flash disk.
It is rainproof. It can’t be affected by rain.
The inbuilt infrared night vision sensors allow it to record clear videos at night. The camera captures an area of up to 165 degree wide angle.
It comes with long lasting rechargeable batteries that can last for up to 6 months on a single charge.


It isn’t compatible with Alexa.
Customers have reported WiFi connection issues.

Where to Buy

This product is available in several online and local stores dealing with smart home devices. For great and amazing deals check out

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TMEZON 7 Inch Wireless/Wired Video Door Phone Wi-Fi IP Doorbell

The TMEZON 7 inch Video Doorbell will let you see who is at your door and a whole lot more but some buyers report concerns with the support.

Using advanced technology, the TMEZON 7 Inch/Wired Video Phone Wi-Fi IP Doorbell comes with features that will enable you to see, hear and speak to your visitor at the doorstep. You can also remotely unlock using your phone without needing  to be next to the door. With this setup, you can get into your house even if you have lost your key.

Here are all the features of this product:

    TMEZON supports Wi-Fi connection to the internet. The doorbell and the indoor monitor is wired while the monitor supports Wi-Fi connection. Internet connection will help you strengthen the power of the video and you can move to the longer distance such as upstairs and backdoor.

Whenever visitors press your doorbell, the camera will automatically snapshot, record and save videos or photos in the micro SD card which is purchased separately. As well as improving your home security and reducing thefts, it also means that you have a “hard copy” (stored on the micro SD card) instead of the video or photos being uploaded to the internet and potentially being lost by a weak connection.

Dual ways of communication between monitor and monitor, camera and monitor and supports the transfer of calls from one monitor to another. This can be suitable for a family house as it  can connect up to 2 doorbell cameras and up to 4 monitors. You can unlock the door through all indoor monitors. This type of technology is widely used in hotels, offices and apartments to let people without keys in and out of buildings.

TMEZON can connect to several devices such as electronic locks, CCTV cameras, door alarms. To do all this you will need extension wires which are not included.

The indoor monitor looks good and is easy to use with a touch button screen and slim design. As per the previous point, you can use it to link to other electrical devices that are wifi enabled.  The outdoor bell comes with an inbuilt sensor, camera, is rainproof, anti-vandal, dustproof, has night vision and a 100 degrees view angle.

The door can be unlocked from different locations without the need to be at the door. The app that you got in the phone will send a notification and you can hear, speak and see the visitors at your doorstep. You can unlock the door using the app on your phone.

Internal calls between the indoor units.
Automatic snapshots and recordings.
Hands-free video intercom.
Adjustable brightness, contrast, and volume.

Lack of consistency in the internet connection.
Some complaints about speed of response for support.

The TMEZON 7 Inch/Wired Video Phone Wi-Fi IP is a fully featured video doorbell to enhance your home security, conveniently and at a reasonable cost.

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Leso Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell Review

When you are searching for a wireless doorbell, you will realize there are several features that you need to consider. Some wireless doorbells run on batteries and can last for long before they need a replacement. The Leso Smart wireless WiFi video doorbell is a good example.

The batteries on the doorbell can work even when there is a power failure. During winter, the cells tend to drain faster than the standard rate. Some of the features from the Leso Smart wireless WiFi video doorbell include:


The HD video captures high-quality images which ensure that you won’t miss any visitor at your doorstep. Once motion is detected, the camera sends a message to your mobile device. The night vision feature for this particular doorbell is automated. The video is also HD even when the night vision is on.

Benefit. – Offers high-quality real-time video feeds to the users.


The angle of coverage is one factor you should consider when buying a video doorbell. If the aspect of coverage is low, then chances are you might have blind spots. The blind spots may prove to be a security threat to any user since the doorbell won’t be able to cover the whole area.

Benefit. – A larger wide angle means the camera can cover a larger angle hence safer.


The doorbell has a microphone for voice input and a speaker for audio output. This is impressive since it allows a user to communicate with their visitor from any room or remote location.

Benefit. – It offers audio communication from any location.


The video doorbell allows you to connect from any geographical thanks to its Wi-Fi capability. You can download the application which will enable you to get live feeds from your location. Also, Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to communicate seamlessly with your visitor.

Benefit. – Allows a user to view live feeds and get a notification in case the doorbell detects motion.


The doorbell can be easily installed since there is no wiring needed. All you need to do is fit the smart video doorbell on your door and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Download the mobile application that will allow you to connect to the doorbell. You can now see whoever comes to your door at any time of the day.

Benefit. – Lowers the cost of installation since you don’t need a technician.


The most fantastic feature of this doorbell is its sharp motion detection. The PIR sensor will detect any slight movement that will be identified at the door. It would then sent a message to alert you if you have a visitor.

Benefit. – A motion sensor ensures you don’t miss even a single movement at your doorstep.


The Leso Smart video doorbell has a 16GB free SD card. If you want to increase the size, the SD slot can support up to 32GB.

Benefit. – You won’t spend an extra dime on purchasing an SD card.


– The battery can last for a long duration.
– High-quality video feeds.
– Motion sensors which ensure you won’t miss any movement at your doorstep.
– Long lasting battery.
– Affordable.

– Can be challenging to connect to your device for the first time.


Are you searching for an amazingly low cost wireless smart video doorbell? The Leso smart wireless WiFi video doorbell can be what you are looking for in the market. You can visit Amazon to get yours at a low price.

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Bike Racks

Our solid wooden bike racks let you to hang your bicycle anywhere! Whether it’s mounted above the fireplace like a piece of art, or in the hallway. It will look smart and even offers a shelf for your helmet and gloves.

With leather padding to protect your frame you can be sure your bike will be happy hanging there as you work on it, mentally prepare yourself to use it or just admire it from the sofa.
Our bike racks are made to order in your chosen timber and can even be personalised. We can even allow for oversized tubes or sloping crossbars so it will still hang level, when it comes to bikes we know these details matter.

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In the News again….

Industry leading magazine “Furniture & Cabinet Making” features inventor of the iWoodAMP, Mr. Benedict O’Boyle. As well as telling the story of how the iWoodAMP was invented, Ben was interviewed and told the magazine:

When I’m working with wood I feel like I’m transforming one of Mother Nature’s creations into something new” and “My designs must always be functional and they must be beautiful like the trees they came from. My products must also be practical, have form and be innovative.”

He also said “Creative Carpentry isn’t an easy job – physically hard and mentally challenging on a daily basis – but it comes with a lot of satisfaction and for me I honestly can’t think of anything else I’d rather do for a living.

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We're in The Evening Standard Homes & Property

We’re in the Evening Standard as a potential Christmas present… “the iWood Amp cleverly increases the volume and enhances the sound quality of any tablet by its shape alone. Handcrafted from sustainable wood.”

They used a picture of our mobile stand for iPhones rather than for the iWoodAMPs but with those tight deadlines we forgive them!