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SMONET WiFi Smart Doorbell

Are you looking for a reliable doorbell camera? If yes then, SMONET WiFi Smart Doorbell is a great option. The video doorbell isn’t just easy to install, it comes with incredible features that give it an excellent performance.

Besides, you only need an app to monitor your door from anywhere. Even with its incredible features, this smart doorbell is quite affordable. The convenience you get with this doorbell is amazing since you don’t have to walk to the door to know how is there.

Let’s look at its features in more details.

1. Night Vision

Unlike the earlier doorbells that can be limited to daylight, this smart doorbell uses infrared light during the night. This enables you to see the person at the door even at night hours so that you don’t have to rely on the street light for visibility.

For safety purposes, doorbells with the infrared feature are the most recommended. This is because they have a great vision allowing you to easily identify who is at the door without any guesses.

2. Motion Detection

This feature enables you to supervise your door 24/7. The doorbell is connected with your phone and you’ll receive alerts when a visitor triggers the sensor or presses the doorbell button. Furthermore, you can adjust the sensitivity to suit your home environment.

3. Two Way Audio & Real-time Video

This doorbell comes with a two-way audio feature that makes it possible to communicate with the visitors from anywhere. You can also watch real-time videos through your mobile phone with multi-device control. The 166 degree visual angle ensure that most parts of your home is covered reducing the dead zones.

4. Easy Installation

Considering that this device offers the wireless remote feature, installing it is as easy as just fixing it on the door or wall. This means that you don’t need any wiring. You only need to insert the 18650Li Battery and install the mobile app on your phone to start using it. The battery life is also incredible which enables the device to remain functional for long.

5. Compatibility and Storage

The device is compatible with IOS and Android devices. It also supports Wi-Fi connectivity. Although it doesn’t come with an SD card, it will overwrite the existing recordings automatically once the memory is full.


• Two-way audio
• Incredible battery life
• Motion detection
• Wireless installation
• Quality sensors
• Good picture and video quality


• You’ll need to change batteries since they are not rechargeable
• Its night vision is not the best


Finding a doorbell camera which delivers outstanding performance and costs less can be challenging. However, SMONET Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell is an affordable solution for all your home security needs.

It comes with amazing features and installing it is quite easy. This makes it a perfect choice even for beginners as well as experienced users. You don’t just get to save money with this camera, you get to enjoy convenience and reliability.

So, if you all looking do a long-term solution then look no further than this great device. Getting one of these is easy since they are readily available on