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TONBUX Smart Video Doorbell

When visitors came to houses, the old fashioned method of knocking on the door gave way first to door knockers and then to door bells over the years, especially in large houses. Those inside might fail to hear a knock so door bells became common place, but the latest technology goes a step further and allows you to see and communicate with your visitors. Video Doorbells use wifi to transmit sound and images between those on the inside and the people outside.

The TONBUX Smart Video Doorbell is one of these smart technology doorbells. Below are some of its features which make it very efficient.


The doorbell has a unique smooth design. Installed in it are a camera and a 32 GB memory can which records both motions detected and videos. Alternatively, you can use the free cloud storage which stores the videos recorded for a week. Cloud-free storage also gives you the opportunity to share and save these videos. It’s important to note that the doorbell mainly comes in black.

170P full HD and a wide viewing angle (170 degrees)

The doorbell has an HD camera which has a 170 degree angle of view. The camera allows you to see the person ringing the bell via your smartphone, tablet or any other electronic device which allows you to install the bells smart App. The camera even has night mode abilities meaning you will be able to see what happens at your door during the night too. In addition to a camera, it has motion detectors which detect and notifies you through your smartphone when a person is at the door.

Two-way speakers and microphones

The speakers and microphones are inbuilt and they facilitate two-way communication between you and the person at the door. For this to be possible you have to install the doorbells app in your phone or tablet.

Smart App

This is a user-friendly app which is supposed to be downloaded and installed in your device. It links communication between you and the doorbell. Having in mind that the doorbell has a camera, 2-way inbuilt speakers and microphones, the app helps you to see the video feed from the door via your phone. It also helps you to communicate with the person at the door.

Long-life battery

The doorbell comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries which can last up to 6 months. This means after installing it you don’t have to worry about the bell shutting down. Even if the batteries shut down you can opt to use the night light receiver which also has indoor wireless ringtones that will notify you when the bell rings.

Pros and Cons

This smart doorbell also has its advantages and disadvantages.


• It records a very clear video.
• It audios are smooth and audible.
• Has night mode abilities.


• The sensitivity of the motion detectors is very high to the extent of detecting insects flying over the doorbell.
• It’s bulky compared to some other models on the market.

From the information above you notice that this doorbell has lots of unique features which makes it very effective. Therefore if you are looking to buy a smart doorbell for extra peace of mind, you should  head over to and purchase TONBUX Smart Video Doorbell for one of the best prices.